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Friends Fun Wine Red Sangria bottle. Fruity, flirty and inviting, with distinct notes characteristic of the ripe fruit juices used in its creation. Bold and refreshing, this is the perfect drink to launch summer.

5.5% Alc/Vol.
Gluten Free

Friends Fun Wine Red Sangria

We don’t sell wine – We sell FUN!
Inspired by the culture and vibe of Miami, we build our brand influenced by art, fashion and music. Because we believe wine should be FUN and not complicated. With that in mind, and to break through the traditional wine mentality, we decided to rethink wine by focusing on three main pillars: Flavor, Packaging & Price.

Fun Wine is an award-winning, gluten free, low alcohol “5.5% ABV”, lower in calories, flavored wine that comes in 2 formats; 250 ml aluminum cans and 750 ml glass bottles in 3 delicious flavors; Strawberry Moscato, Coconut Chardonnay & Sangria. Designed by pop graffiti artist Miguel Paredes, our packaging is bold, iconic, disruptive, and award winning. We are conversation starters and Instagram-worthy, like drinking out of a piece of art.


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