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Caribbean Rum casks do wonders to bring exotic fruit notes of the Classic Dewar’s profile.

John Dewar Sr. founded the company in 1846. But it was when his two sons — John Dewar Jr. and Thomas Dewar took over the business that it really took off. The lads expanded the brand into a global market leader by the end of the century with attention to detail, a fine product, and quite frankly some brilliant marketing. Along the way they pioneered the technique of "marrying" where a blended Scotch is re-casked to allow for a period of aging together. And there have been a few mergers and acquisitions along the way, but the company is now owned by Bacardi who largely leave them alone to work their magic across six major Scotch and Single Malt brands. 

Dewar’s 8 Year Old Caribbean Rum Cask Finish is a delight. Just like its sister dram in the "Smooth Blended" series, Dewar’s call this Scotch double-aged — and eight years ain’t shabby at all. But then they finish it in ex-Rum casks for up to six months. And it is this little finishing that makes all the magic here. Ultimately, this is the reason why you experiment. Who would have thought how complimentary the Rum influence would be on the core Dewar’s profile. The notes of exotic fruit and spice changes the mouth feel and complexity in all the right places for an exceptional value.

    DEWAR'S 8 Year Old Caribbean Rum Cask Finish

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