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Product description

DeKuyper® Strawberry Patch Schnapps Liqueur infuses your cocktails with a kick of fresh fruit flavor. Bursting with bold strawberry taste, its sweet flavor can't be beat in a Margarita or other favorite mixed drinks. Its red color and luscious strawberry flavor complements tart citrus ingredients in your beverages. With a heritage dating back more than 300 years, DeKuyper® Cordials & Liqueurs continues to be on the cutting edge of the spirits industry. DeKuyper's evolution has been successful through the combination of its rich, traditional expertise and modern innovation, creating mixable and versatile cordials, liqueurs, crèmes, brandies and schnapps made from the world's finest ingredients. DeKuyper has been the brand bartenders trust to add color, flavor and fun to any cocktail.

    DeKuyper Strawberry Patch Schnapps Liqueur 750ML

    SKU: 8068636240