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Founded in 1695, DeKuyper has quickly become a leading cordial brand that bartenders trust and defines the American cordial market today. Many of the natural flavors used in our DeKuyper® products are derived directly from botanical sources. Beat the heat with the sweetness of DeKuyper® Cactus Juice® Schnapps Liqueur. Capturing the essence of cactus in a bottle, this fun liqueur bursts with the flavor of real margaritas. Add the refreshing and surprising taste of cactus to your favorite summertime cocktails. Make a fun and colorful Desert Island, pouring it with DeKuyper® Island Punch Schnapps and club soda over ice, or mix it with cranberry juice in a Cranberry Cactus. With a heritage dating back more than 300 years, DeKuyper Cordials & Liqueurs continues to be on the cutting edge of the spirits industry


    SKU: 8068632240
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