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Crown Royal is "THE" Canadian Whisky. Sure, there are those who might argue with that from a point of preference, but no one can argue that it is the top selling brand of Canadian WhiskyEach day, their Manitoba Distillery consumes 10,000 bushels of grain and 3.4 million liters of water. At any given point in time, there are more than two million barrels of Whisky aging in the complex of 46 warehouses. 
On top of all that, they do a darn good job of producing a consistently high quality, clean-drinking, Canadian-styled Spirit that has won the hearts of many ‘a Whisky-lover. 
The ink on the press release is still wet on this one… but break out the back-bacon, put up the poutine, and hang on to your tuques… Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye had been deemed the "2016 World Whisky of the Year" by The Whisky Bible. So, what makes Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye worthy of such a distinction? 
Uncle Flaviar has always been a fan of Crown Royal… the pure, clean, consistent quality of the Spirit… the lovely decanter and velvet presentation bag… just solid work all around. But Northern Harvest Rye is a step up. First, it is indeed 90% Rye. That is an eye-popping number, even for dedicated Rye drinkers. But the real trick is to do it without creating a harsh or "too spicy" dram. You need a LOT of serious distiller-chops to pull this off right, and they do indeed.

CROWN ROYAL Northern Harvest Rye (750ML, 45%) 750ML

SKU: 8200074165
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