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Awaken your customers' taste buds with this deliciously light and refreshing Clamato tomato / clam juice. With its fresh-from-the-vine tomato taste, zesty spices, and splash of clam broth, this juice is a must-have ingredient for your bar! Unlike traditional tomato juice, this tomato / clam juice is less thick in it's consistency, with a briny, tomato taste that provides a slightly spicy tang and a hint of clam. This refreshing drink, while delicious on its own, is most commonly used as an ingredient for making a variety of flavorful cocktails, from the ever-popular Bloody Caesar and Michelada to classic martinis and shooters. Reminiscent of a Manhattan clam chowder-style cocktail, this juice is also a delicious when mixed with beer, vodka, or tequila.

In addition to enhancing your cocktail recipes, this full bodied drink can also be used to give your food recipes an extra burst of refined flavor! With its blend of fresh tomatoes, crisp onions, celery, spices and clam broth, this juice makes an excellent addition to marinades, sauces, soups, and stews. Use to whip up an authentic marinade for your poultry or steak, or use in cocktail sauce to give an unexpected twist to a classic appetizer! Plus, this bottle of tomato and clam juice fits perfectly in bar rails for quick and easy service. Whether using as an ingredient in your foods and cocktails, this tomato / clam juice makes for an excellent addition to everyday food prep.

        Clamato 1 Liter Tomato Clam Juice

        SKU: 1480051134
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