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Aloe Vera Liqueur!

Chareau's California Aloe Liqueur was inspired by the bountiful agriculture and natural beauty of California. The Aloe Vera plant is their muse, and they wanted to find delicate compliments to the naturally soft and slightly bitter profile.

The cucumber adds a sophisticated vegetal quality, while the muskmelon brings a natural sweetness. The lemon peel adds balance and the spearmint mellows the bite of the unaged eau de vie distillate. It all culminates in a refreshing spirit that can be enjoyed both straight and mixed in a well-crafted cocktail.

Each of the ingredients can be all found naturally in California. In other words, Chareau is a gift from the hands and hearts of California's farmers and artisans.


    CHAREAU Aloe Vera Liqueur 375ML

    SKU: 5311700501