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Family Pale Lager Style Light Beer
Country Netherlands ABV 3.5%
Producer Heineken
Price $$ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle
Characteristics Refreshing

Overview Amsterdam’s Amstel makes several pale lagers, but only Amstel Light is currently distributed in the United States. It’s absolutely iconic, especially at hotel bars and velvet-rope nightclubs, where it’s particularly popular amongst skinny-and-wanting-to-stay-that-way women. It’s the low-calorie alternative to the Cosmo—seemingly more sophisticated than Corona or Bud Light.

Flavors and aromas A creamy, softly malty nose and a bare touch of hop character lead into a light, thin palate. There’s not a lot here, but there is a modicum of bitterness, which is a pleasant surprise. One taster called this an ideal pairing for chicken strips and a football game, while another thought it lacked “beerness.”


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