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Give your patrons a boost with these 5-Hour Energy regular strength 12-pack of 1.93 fl. oz. grape energy drinks! This product contains about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and a blend of B vitamins and nutrients that provides a uniquely effective way to increase energy and alertness. Plus, it features a great-tasting grape flavor! One shot provides hours worth of energy, yet it contains no sugar and is only 4 calories per serving.

This product includes 4 cases, each containing 12 bottles of 5 Hour Energy regular strength. It is perfectly packaged to sell in gyms, cafeterias, or concession stands, and can be positioned near cash registers in any retail location to promote impulse buys. The small, slim bottles require no refrigeration and are extremely portable: customers can toss them into their gym bag, purse, or backpack!

Founded in 2004 by a former monk, 5-Hour Energy was created with the intention of making an energy drink that would increase focus without having the adverse effect of a caffeine "crash." Since then, their classic little red bottles have become nearly ubiquitous . 5-Hour Energy's unique blend of B vitamins and other nutrients delivers steady energy that users swear by. Their products are perfect for helping your customers get through their busy days!

5-Hour Energy Regular Strength 1.93 fl. oz.

SKU: 1941050001
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