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Union Horse Distilling Co. Reunion Straight Rye Whiskey Available now at KC liquor.

Union Horse Distilling Co. Reunion Straight Rye Whiskey is distilled in a copper pot still in Lenexa, Kansas. It’s made from 100% rye, enters the barrel at 110 proof, and is aged “up to 5 years” in Missouri oak barrels. Reunion Straight Rye Whiskey is non-chill filtered, bottled by hand at 93 proof.

(Tasted neat from a Glencairn Glass)




The nose on this rye whiskey is very pleasant with notes of caramel, dried apricot, clove, and ginger. There are also floral notes and a rye spice that really makes this a balanced nose. It was not the nose I was expecting with this being a 100% rye mashbill.


The palate follows the nose with notes of caramel, rye spice, and dried apricot, along with notes of pear and mint which really add to the drinking experience. This is a fairly complex pour. The flavors blend well together and the notes are very balanced. There is a subtle orange citrus characteristic that I find to be exceptionally enjoyable. This whiskey has a medium viscosity that coats the entire palate.


This whiskey has a medium finish with notes of cinnamon, rye spice, and dried apricot.

In closing

Reunion Rye is a very tasty whisky, especially at the $40 price point. I really enjoyed this product and would definitely go back to it again. It offered balance and complexity on both the nose and palate and had very unique flavors for a 100% rye mashbill. If you are looking for something new to try and see this bottle sitting on the shelf, I would definitely suggest picking one up. It’s important to note that his is a rye that has a lot of bourbon characteristics, so don’t be afraid to give this a try even if you don’t traditionally like rye whiskey!

NOTE: The sample used for this review was provided at no cost courtesy of Union Horse. We thank them for the sample and for allowing us to review this whiskey!

Available now at KC liquor.

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