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TY KU Tokubetsu Benihana available now at KC liquor

Incredibly smooth and fresh, slightly sweet with subtle pear notes, leaving softness on the palate. Created in partnership with Benihana, TYKU Benihana Sake is a Tokubetsu Junmai. Tokubetsu means special in Japanese - produced with a special blend of sake rices and ultra-purified water for an extra smooth, subtle, superbly drinkable sake.

TYKU Benihana Sake has a sophisticated subtlety that pairs well with a wide variety of cuisines, and a natural pairing with Benihana’s iconic teppanyaki experience. Enjoy chilled like a fine wine or in cocktails.

SMV: +5.4 | Acidity: 1.0 | Amino Acids: 1.1 | Alcohol/Vol: 12% Calories: 43 | Carbs: 1.8 | Pro: 0 | Fat: 0 per 1.5 oz

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