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TY KU Coconut available now at KC liquor

Silky texture, creamy taste, with a subtle hint of vanilla and the refreshing flavor of coconut. TYKU Coconut Nigori Sake is crafted from Junmai sake and infused with the all-natural flavor of coconut. Enjoy this Nigori sake chilled or in a delicous cocktail. Shake well before pouring.

Known as "Cloudy Sake," the secret to Nigori sake's luscously sweet flavor is the small amount of rice purposefully left unfiltered to leave behind a rich, creamy taste. Winner of the Gold Medal at the San Diego International Wine Competition.

SMV: +1.7 | Acidity: 1.8 | Amino Acids: 1.0 | Alcohol/Vol: 12% Calories: 43 | Carbs: 3.5 | Pro: 0 | Fat: 0 per 1.5 oz

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