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Jefferson's Ocean: Aged at Sea Bourbon Available now at KC liquor.

Jefferson's released their first (very small) batch of Ocean Aged at Sea bourbon in August 2012 with only 300 bottles for sale. This third batch has slightly more bottles to sell (about 300 barrels, rather than bottles) and was released in October 2014. Each batch has varied in time in barrel and time at sea along with the proof. The sourced bourbon is initially aged on land for six years before spending a further 6 months at sea. It traveled to five continents and crossed the equator 4 times before bottling.

Appearance / Color

Rich amber.

Smell / Nose / Aroma

Sweet red apples and thick caramel followed by spicy vanilla and cinnamon.

Flavor / Taste / Palate

Sweetness of dried fruits comes through with milky coffee and bitter dark chocolate, some sea air saltiness as well. Very creamy.


Dark chocolate really appears as well as more cinnamon and vanilla.

Available now at KC liquor.

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