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Gekkeikan Plum Wine Sake (750ml) now available at KC liquor

Plum Gekkeikan is made with the choicest plums from the world-renowned orchard in Wakayama in central Japan. Tender and succulent, the plums are carefully hand-picked at the moment of perfect ripeness. In an aged-old tradition, they are fermented and then aged to ensure a rich, smooth flavor. Rich in mineral, citric acid and polyphenol.

Elegant and authentic; a perfect reflection of the fruit.

Style: Subtly sweet, full plum nectar with just a hint of apple and pear tartness. Rich and full-bodied with a long, smooth finish. Truly delightful!

Pairing Notes: Great for marinating, with lightly spiced food, and as an accompaniment to fruit or chocolate based desserts.

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy chilled or over ice, delicious with Zipang Sparkling Sake!

Product Information :   Prefecture : Kyoto, Japan   Region : Fushimi   Alc./Volume : 13%   Size : Available in 750ml &  1.5L   Sulfile and gluten free   Plums : Wakayama Orchard, Japan

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